140-146 N ROYS AV – Alley Illegal Dumping

12/17/13/8:15 PM/Caught a pickup truck dumping boxes into the 300 gallon receptacle behind the row housing, 140-146 N ROYS AV – Alley. I sternly asked what he was doing and he said throwing stuff away. I asked if he lived around here and he pointed “over there” but didn’t give an address. I asked then why is he using this particular trash receptacle. I opened the trash receptacle lid and saw he was dumping construction waste – boxes of heavy tile. I told him that he could not do that and needed to schedule bulk pickup to the property needing the disposal for these construction items. (I already knew that construction debris would not be scheduled but just needed the guy to understand that he can’t be dumping his construction debris in these trash receptacles.) I told him that dumping these heavy items will result in these trash receptacles not being emptied and then I would have to call about them. He seemed shocked that I approached him and eagerly agreed and took the boxed items back out and put them in his pickup truck and took off. Clearly he was a dumper. Situation resolved but clearly we need to relook at having these 300 gallon receptacles in our communities.

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