Package Delivery

Worth reposting from 11/29/2012:

Please, please if you are having packages delivered ask a trusted friend or neighbor to secure the package for you or even have the package sent to a trusted friend or neighbor’s house instead that is typically home during delivery time to take the package for you.

Just a couple of pointers and options if you have home package delivery.

• When ordering from a company add a comment to the special comments field or special delivery box stating to “hide package from street view”.
• Most companies now provide a tracking number to track your order. Monitor this closely so you will know what day your package is to be delivered and on the day of delivery to know what time it was delivered.
• When you know the day of delivery ask your neighbor or have a friend to watch for the delivery of the package to pickup and secure once delivered.
• Another option is to have your package delivered to your place of employment or to another residential location where a person is always home.
• Once you have tracked that the package has been delivered, ask a neighbor or friend to pick up your package.
• If you find that your package is scheduled for delivery and you have not made any accommodations for the secure pick up of the package upon your absence, post a sign on your door stating that you will pick up the package at their facility.

Simple suggestions indeed but the reality is we cannot just “hope” that a package will be there when we get home. I believe kids just love an opportunity to steal a package from a door or porch just for the thrill of knowing what could be in it. Also with the recent news exposure of people following behind delivery trucks just for the opportunity to steal that just delivered package!


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