Free Education Grant Scam

The following spoofed numbers are from a company that calls to state that you are entitled to free education grants that you do not have to pay back. They state that you must take advantage of this offer immediately. They attempt to get your personal information including your credit card number. If you confront them they will curse you out and hang up on you. They generally do not speak English well and appears to be from Asia or India. When you attempt to call back you will find out it is a spoofed number and the call will not go thru stating disconnected or call cannot be completed. I wanted to publish these numbers to make others aware of this scam. I’m really concerned about people that fall for this. I wish something can be done about this.

(954) 228-5690
(614) 503-4425
(404) 439-0013

Typically call from numbers that appear foreign or have only zeros or two digits in the number

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