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09/23/13/8:30 AM/Jessica Jenkins, Recruiting Manager, (Office) 407-478-0332 ext. 170, (Fax) 407-478-5898,
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Jessica verbally offered me the position as Health Plan Advisor and then confirmed via email. She wanted to start quickly in getting the necessary information from me in getting started with this position.

I was very excited to accept a temporary staffing position with Health Care Support Staffing. I accepted a position as a Health Plan Advisor with a major Health Insurance Company. This temporary position will address the influx of calls to be coming in regarding Health Care Coverage and Insurance for this major Health Insurance Company’s clients and to address policy changes that are to occur with the Affordable Care Act which begins open enrollment October 1, 2013.

The position starts 10/07/13/Monday

10/03/13/Jessica called me to inform me that her client has put this position on hold and that she did not know when the position would become available.

I called a couple times thereafter and each time was told that the position was just “put on hold” and she did not know when the position would become available.

10/29/13/11:44 AM/Called again to ask to speak with Jessica. This will be my fourth time calling. Finally got Jessica on the phone. I told her that I didn’t appreciate not having my calls returned. I asked what the status of the position was. She said that she had no further information on. I advised that I was offered this position verbally and via email. Advised that I took action to prepare for this job. She said that she told me upfront that this was a contract position and that I took action on quitting my job was my job. I told her that I took action after I was offered the position as how can I work around a full time job (as this position is). She said that she is responsible to the client and that I am not the client. I asked what other positions were available and she said she had nothing else. I advised that I filed a complaint with the better business bureau for unfair practices. She said that the BBB would understand the nature of what they do. She said given that she doesn’t see how working with me would now be an option. I concluded the call.
10/29/13/11:55 AM/513-872-8302/Left vm with Troy Dolwick, Anthem Blue Cross regarding position of Health Plan Advisor. Advised that I was calling as to status of position as temp agency advised that position was put on hold.

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Health Care Support Staffing, Inc.

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Filed on : October 26 2013

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Stanley Thornburgh
Columbus OH 43204

Filed against :
Health Care Support Staffing, Inc.
2269 Lee Road
Winter Park FL 32789

Complaint Description:

HealthCare Support Staffing recruited me for a job opportunity and pulled my credit, background, education background, and references and offered me a position with a guaranteed start date and then cancelled the appointment two days prior to the job start date. I had to resign from a current job to accept this position. Additionally I am concerned because I have provided personal, professional and financial information to this company and I am concerned as to why this company would go thru this time process and cost to pull this information. I am concerned for my personal information and financial protection. I have made subsequent calls asking for the status of the position which I’m told has been put on “hold”. the last two calls have went unanswered. This poor service and break of contract has resulted in loss of income for myself as well as concerned for private, professional, and financial information.

Your Desired Resolution:
What I want:

  1. $2,000 compensation for wages lost for accepting this position and terminating my current position in preparation for this position offered.
  2. A written explanation as to what had happened.
  3. A guarantee that my private, professional, and financial information will not be compromised with them. This is to be accomplished by providing me with identify/financial protection service for a period of one year at the company’s expenses. Additionally, I want a written statement to this effect.
  4. A commitment from the company that these types of recruiting practices are damaging to people they recruit for employment positions and that they will review and change them so that this does not occur again.


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Health Care Support Staffing, Inc.
2269 Lee Road
Winter Park, FL 32789

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Candace Harmon
Consumer Affairs Representative

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