USPS Delivery Complaint – 09/19/13

09/19/13/9:47 AM/800-275-8777/Called to file a complaint regarding the non-regular postal carrier not correctly depositing the mail in my locked mail box. He/She puts the standard mail in the outgoing mail door instead of taking the extra second to put thru the slot inside the door that will deposit the mail into the secured lock section of the mailbox. Advised that this has happened so frequently that I didn’t even bother calling the Hilltop Branch – Georgesville location, 614-351-0137, location because number one: you can never get thru and number two: they say they will “note” my address but it still happens again. I’ve made calls to this same number to complain about my prescriptions being left at my door instead of putting inside the locked mailbox (the whole purpose of me installing the regulation USPS box to begin with). I am constantly told that it is because there was a temporary carrier that day and he/she did not have the key. I queried, “That is my problem how?” I even went on to say then can’t you at least keep the package one extra day if you don’t have the key? Advised that I live in a neighborhood prone to theft so installing the locked USPS regulation mailbox and providing a key to the USPS local office (as per the instructions), should not be an issue. I said they have the key – make a copy of you have to. Additionally I said that just because I live in an area that is not the typical suburban safe neighborhood and that my area tends to have higher crime and theft stats should not preclude me from receiving inferior customer service.

We wonder why our postal rates keep going up and we continually get poor customer service at the stations or delivery or even trying to attempt to call an office or even the toll free number and have to either deal with a busy signal or wait for over 10 minutes to get a person.

I also attempted to go to to file the complain on line but after two unsuccessful attempts (Problem processing request) I gave up.

I provided all the information to the lady who didn’t seem to familiar as to what to do but she took my information after some hesitation and put me on hold for about 5 minutes and said she had entered everything and also put in there for the substation to call me to discuss the matter. She provided me with a case number and she said that going forward always use this case number when calling in to address this issue: CASE# [].

I will say the lady was very nice.

Seems the USPS needs to find a way to be competitive in today’s market perhaps looking at Postal Services in other countries like the German Postal service: Deutsche Post, Germany’s only universal provider of postal services, is part of Deutsche Post DHL, the world’s leading mail and logistics Group, who seem to be very successful. Perhaps the USPS can learn something from this model.

Finally interestingly enough on the USPS website to file a complaint, there is no category to express a concern about the delivering of the mail, i.e.: postal carrier.

InquiryTypeProblem: CategoryReceiving Mail: Topic: No Delivery/No Attempt > My Mail Arrives at Different Times
Additional Detail: What time does it arrive:Arrives at Inconsistent Times
Date Problem Began:09/18/2013

Additional Information:

Columbus, Ohio – Hilltop Delivery Station – 43204
I have repeatedly made calls to the supervisor advising that when we have a non-regular postal carrier, I frequently get my mail delivered into my locked mail container (USPS approved) in the outgoing mail slot instead of being put into the slot where it will be secured. I don’t understand how given this is a regulation mailbox that the postal carrier cannot put the mail correctly in the slot. I am getting tired of this and expect a return reply as to a set in action plan to prevent this activity from occurring again. There is no excuse for this. Contact me with your plan to stanthornburgh@….09/21/13/3:29 PM/614-351-0138/Received VM from lady at local carrier station that a hazard card will be placed in my box to prevent further mail being placed outside the locked portion of the mailbox. 09/24-25/13/Received call from Supervisor from carrier station.  The message indicated that they would flag my account to ensure that this does not happen again.

Jeez, as always one can never get good customer service from the USPS.

09/26/13/Mail delivered outside of locked mailbox again.  CASE# CA114541541

09/30/13/Called 800-275-8777/To report mail delivered outside of locked compartment of mailbox again.


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