Ariel Castro did society a favor in hanging himself.

Facebook post:  Wednesday, September 4, 2013 at 7:22 AM. 

Ariel Castro did society a favor in hanging himself.
  • Stanley Thornburgh As a civilized society we have to treat all as human beings even if society terms that individual a “monster”. As such, Ariel Castro’s choice to take his own life serves society in three ways; the burden of society having to pay for his incarceration, the worshipping of him by other “monsters”, and finally the victims having to know that even though he is incarcerated he will always serve as a reminder as to what he did to them.Him being dead ends all this and just like the demolition of his house; We do not need a reminder and can move on.
  •  Michael O’Keefe Tragic. He harmed those women, killed those babies, and waisted his own life and potential. I can’t imagine anything worse.
  • Ron Smith At least he saved the tax payers $50,000 a year
  • Matthew Kukich You couldn’t of said better Stanley Thornburgh
  • Jack Koetz · Friends with Sharry Gross Carey
    I think he cheated the three women out of seeing him suffer in prison.
  • Stanley Thornburgh The three women would have never seen him suffer in prison. I’m sure they realize that in order to move on, they have to let go or forgive depending on their religion or beliefs. That perhaps may be the true cheating part on his behalf. But it is after all not a game. Just a disturbed and sick man that no longer walks among us.

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