"I'm gonna paintball your house because my pitbull got out and attacked your dog but it's your fault"So it’s Thursday, 04/05/2012 at about 5ish PM and I’m over at my close friend’s house in Mommy Dearest land, my analogy of the M/I Homes community that he lives in.  You know the type, vinyl siding, 4 styles to neighborhood, driveway and two car attached garage in front.  A stark contract to my 1920’s urban transitional neighborhood with charm and character that varies from beautiful virgin wood construction homes to falling about homes with dirt back yards and “strong” dogs of the pitbull or pitbull mix variety.

My neighbor calls me to inform me that our new neighbors renting the property belonging to BRADLEY D, WHITE and CINDA C WHITE, 2455 MCCOMB RD, GROVE CITY, OH 43123 has for the fourth time allowed their pitbull to get out and roam the neighborhood.  The previous occasions were uneventful but I guess yesterday was a different story. The pitbull went to the property behind them on N. Roys Ave and proceeded to attack a chow mix dog that was on a line tied to the back porch.  The chow mix dog suffered minor injuries and I guess the police were called and the pitbull was taken away.  I couldn’t get this confirmed but chances are the pitbull was untagged and I’m very sure the renters at 145 N Chase Ave do not carry homeowners insurance let alone probably knowing what it is.  It is my understanding that the pitbull will be put down so that kind of tells me that they probably could not prove that the dog had it’s rabies vaccinations.  I’m saddened to hear of animals having to be put down because of the neglect and stupidity of their owners.  Sad.

Anyway, today, I find out that one of the kids from 145 N Chase Ave decided to take his paintball gun and plaster the back of the house with paint pellets where the chow mix dog lives.  The kid although seen with the paintball gun was never caught in the act so calling the police would not result in anything than further retaliation towards the nice people with the chow mix.

It amazes me the misguided and stupidity of ignorant people who cause an action but will blame it on the victim because their action caused a loss back to them.  I doubt if they will get their pitbull back and the chow mix today is limping around and they are waiting to see how their dog recovers from this.  Clearly the people at 145 N. Chase Ave are totally to blame for this situation but they somehow feel that they are now the victim of this occurrence.  This is what I am faced with daily living in the Hootin Hollerin Hood!

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